Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Paying for The Car Repair

The car will go into be repaired next week. I'm going to use the money I earned this month in my second job that is normally earmarked for the car payment, it will go towards the car repair. The excess will come out of my emergency fund.

A year ago this would have brought me to my knees. A year ago a transmission repair to my old car did exactly that, floored me right in the middle of my BK filing and emotional meltdown. That repair used up all my "excess" cash I had at that point and sent me to bed for the weekend.

This year is the slightly new and improved Bankrupt Betty. I have money in an emergency fund for just this reason. This is an unexpected repair, not a regular service that should have been budgeted for. I've not been as good as I could have been in funding my E-fund and I've dipped into it for some "non emergencies" but I do have the funds there to cover this repair. It's just a matter of me getting the car back into the dealership for the servicing.

This was also a little bit of a wake up call for me to not dip into my E-fund unless it's a true emergency. I slacked off a bit these past few months. Time to grow back up and refund the account and keep it for it's true purpose! An emergency!


Dawn said...

Good for you!! I hate these set backs (Car should just work, by gum) but isn't it a great feeling to know you can take this in stride?

Shevy said...

I'm glad you're able to pay for your car repair. I wish I'd been able to do the same without putting half on the credit card.

And good for you, for not blindly doing all the things the dealership listed.

Sammy said...

I never expected it to be so much, lucky you are able to deal with it so well