Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Little Warning Light Is On

And I can't find out what it means. I have my new to me car, purchased with the double digit interest rate (that's what happens post BK) because my old car was well on it's way to dead. I'd spent a ton of money resuscitating it.

My new to me vehicle has been AWESOME. I've been getting regular oil changes and I've not had an issue. Until this weekend when the little ABS warning light came on. Then flickered off, then came back on and stayed on, then went off. Then did not go back on until today and stayed on. I did some on line research (various Ford Escape forums).

Verdict, probably something called a tone ring or just the ABS sensor. Cost to repair/replace unknown at this point, I've not been able to find out exactly what the problem is or what the cost will be. I'll find out tomorrow, I had an oil change scheduled anyway. We shall see....sigh...

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Sammy said...

It might be something that is quick and cheap to fix. Try to get it looked at asap.