Monday, October 20, 2008

For Now, Poochie 2 is Staying

I ranted and raved on last week about an issue in my life that I was non to happy about. You can read about it here.

I did spend part of this weekend visiting my friend Dee and our elderly friend. I also brought with me elderly friends two dogs (Poochie1 and Poochie2). The rehab facility elderly friend is in allows dogs to visit residents in their rooms. I surprised elderly friend on Saturday afternoon by walking into her room with the dogs (separately since the two girls don't like each other). Elderly friend was very happy to see Poochie 1, played with her, petted her, snuggled with her and then asked about Poochie 2. I told her Poochie 2 was in the car and she asked to see her.

I made the "dog swap" got back to her room and her face completely lit up. Poochie 2 was soo happy to see our elderly friend and immediately snuggled up right next to her, sighed happily and started to nap. Both seemed very happy and content. I stayed for about an hour on Saturday, then left. I came back on Sunday and we had another visit. Elderly friend said she was very glad Poochie 2 was with me, she was not sure what had happened to Poochie 2. I told her Poochie 2 was happily settled in my house.(Well she is, I'm not happy with some of the dog dynamics......)

Dee and I spoke at length about elderly friend and what is going to happen. Thankfully, she has good insurance, so her medical expenses are covered, but as to where she is going to live and when she can leave the rehab center, that is unknown at this point.

It was a great weekend here in New England (a bit breezy on Sunday) and I probably could have made a serious dent into my personal To Do list, but felt it was more important to make the drive with the dogs to see elderly friend. Just to see the look on her face when both dogs came into her room totally made up for the travel time and gas spent.

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