Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Check Did Clear!

I posted here about lending a friend some money and my concern about his ability to pay it back. I had the stipulation that I would extend a temporary loan under the condition he give me a check that I could deposit to my account on a pre-agreed upon date.

The good news is the check cleared my account and I got back a thanks for the temporary loan e-mail from the person who got the loan. I have no idea how his trade show went, I have no idea how his business is going, I just hope both went well and I'm just glad I got my money back. I do hope his business is getting back on track.


veronica said...

You're lucky. I'm still waiting for my (now former) friend to pay me back. Glad it worked out better for you. :-)

Budget Mama said...

That is fantastic that they paid you back. You always risk having a loss when you pay someone money, so thaat is great.

Anonymous said...

It's tricky lending money to friends or family.
I've resigned myself to look at is as 'giving' the money ... and if they pay me back - it's a bonus.

Glad you got your money back!