Friday, October 24, 2008

Maybe I Will Get Some of Those Chores Done

I've been stupid busy the past two and a months on the weekends. I've been at my second job, I've been doing hobby stuff, I've been visiting elderly friends, I've gotten some volunteer stuff out of the way.

THIS weekend is the FIRST since the middle of August that I don't have to travel, or have any obligations to anyone other than myself. Bliss. I can sleep in both Saturday and Sunday, I can go to the public library and get some books and DVD's. I can make a roast chicken, I can tackle parts of my ongoing to do list that are making me crazy when I look at it.

My plan is to run my errands on Saturday morning (including the ever fun trip to the laundromat and spend $20 on laundry), go home and then not get into my car until it's time to drive to work on Monday. The only exception to this no drive rule will be if I get my arse in gear and do a serious decluttering on Saturday and must go to the dump/goodwill on Sunday.

This weekend freedom is short lived. I am going to a conference NEXT weekend and then I've picked up a day of work at my part time job (I need the money, I'll take the shift). It may be my last shift until after the new year.

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undercover vixen said...

this is a very random question BUT.... how do you deal with being alone? I'm hoping you still blog...not sure if you check your comments but thought I'd give it a try