Friday, July 18, 2008

No Budget Done for July, Hope Springs Eternal for August

One goal I had was to do a zero based budget for July. It did not happen for two reasons.

1) With the ever increasing cost of gas, I had no idea what I would spend on transportation.

2) I was a lazy git.

I don't think I'll have a zero based budget for August, but I'm going to work on a more strict one than I've had the past few months. I like the structure of a budget. Keeps me honest and I need to start thinking about Christmas presents (yes, Christmas presents).

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:) said...

lol, lazy git, that cracked me up!

Yep, budgeting is a harder thing to do with prices on the rise.
Maybe allow an extra little bit to cover the unforseen that way if you don't use it you have a little extra for something else, emergency account, savings etc.

Christmas is on my mind too. I find one day I'm walking through the shops and looking at all the easter eggs next minute the Christmas trees are up lol.

Plan for it now and think how much better it will be, nothing else will be affected by your Christmas spending, everything will be taken care of...sounds sooooooo worth it.

C xxx