Monday, July 21, 2008

Dear Grocery Store

Dear Grocery Stores (all three of you!)

Why is it that you insist on offering an overwhelming amount of your root vegetables for sale in bags and not loose. I really only needed three small onions for two dishes on Saturday and two small white potatoes, yet it cost me an extra 30c per pound to get loose onions and I had to substitute a baking potato for an all purpose white one? Parsnips-heck those babies only come in a two pound bag and I only needed one singular parsnip.
You all had me over a barrel. I had no desire to drive to the "big city" to do my shopping this week, where at the ethnic market I can get my veg loose, bagged, and in bulk and I missed the local farmers market. I leave in three days for vacation and just needed a few small items. Given my recent "house guest" the less food I have around when I'm not there, the better.

I really don't have any use for 10 pounds of potatoes, heck, I really don't have any use for 5 pounds of potatoes, yet that seems to be the only way to by nice basic small all purpose potatoes. My craving on Saturday was for a root vegetable soup. I needed two small AP potatoes, one small onion, one parsnip, I had the garlic, carrots, ginger and squash, but you made it so difficult to make my soup for two.

I miss those days living in Washington DC and shopping at Eastern Market where you could buy two onions, three potatoes, one small squash and the produce guy would give you a banana for free.

Please grocery stores, put back your sections where you can pick and choose your own onions and potatoes. Those of us who live alone,don't cook that often,or don't have the space, really miss the bulk bins.


L@SpillingBuckets said...

That's one thing I LOVE about Wegman's. It's the only grocery store I've found that sells veggies singly like that, and for basically the same prices.

They are seriously the best grocery store ever. I hope they branch out your way soon.

Bouncing Back said...

A freind of mine works at a Wegmans and she loves the store, not only as a shopper, but an employee. My IGA even sells things like tomatoes, squash and peppers shrink wrapped and in packages of 4. I really don't need all that much food!

veronica said...

So funny to read this post and see Eastern Market mentioned. :-) I live in the metro DC area and love Eastern Market, though I have yet to shop for produce there. How long have you been out of the DC area? Do you like it farther up north?