Friday, July 18, 2008

It's OK to Say No To Your Friends

I'm T minus 6 days and counting for my little mini break. YEAH FOR ME! My lists are made, road snacks purchased yesterday, trip programmed into the GPS, we are on track. Because I was happy go lucky with my IRS stimulus check, I've been banking my pennies so I can have some cash on hand for the trip. I am being responsible about this!

Part of my "bouncing back" plan has been to re-establish a social life that includes going out for dinner, drinks, the movies, etc. I've been able to do that with modifications to my budget and by carefully picking and choosing my outings. These past two months, I've been a bit of a social butterfly, caught up in summer and opportunities to be with friends and family. Bringing dessert or a bottle of wine or a dish for the pot luck can add up.

Since I want to spend some money guilt free on my trip, I've said "No Thanks, or I'm Sorry, I can't" to 4 invitations in the past 14 days. This has ranged to seeing a play at the local theater to drinks out to dinner at friends. Why, because each event would cost me about $20 to $25-tickets, drinks, snacks, wine or dessert for dinner and I'd prefer to spend that money on my trip right now. I'm thrilled that my company is requested, but right now I'm declining my invites.

When you are in a fiscal management plan (debt reduction, bankruptcy, etc) socializing and going out are not always on the top of the list. From what I read in a lot of blogs, some folks have trouble saying no when it comes to socializing. Some folks seem to have a lot of supposed social obligations and they have to spend $60 on whatever and then complain about no in roads into debt reduction or savings. I realize people make individual choices on how to and on what to spend their money, but then don't complain of a lack of progress (and yes I've done EXACTLY that on many occassions).

I've made the choice to by-pass a couple neat dinners and social opportunities so that I can enjoy my mini break without stress. One or two of my freinds have been a bit taken aback when I turned down their invite, but I've smoothed it over by saying I'm trying to get over this summer cold.

It's OK to say no, just say it nicely!

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