Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mini Break Planned And That Is A Good Thing!

With some things going on in my life, money aside, I've not really had a great opportunity this past year and a half to take a vacation that is not combined with a work trip or some other obligation to my time other than to be on vacation.

I have, however, made arrangements to go to Canada the end of July for a long weekend, specifically for 5 days total, two days will be travel days. I am loading up the car and a friend and I are splitting the gas and heading North of the Border to New Brunswick. We are staying with some of her family members (this is a family related trip for her) so our housing costs are null. My friend's husband will be on a two week work trip that he can not get out of, I'm the substitute driver! We are going to split the gas and we plan on doing next to nothing, canoeing, BBQing, swimming, drinking, and resting pretty much is what is on the agenda. While my friend is off on family obligations (specifically a christening for a niece on the "other side" of the family), I'll have most of the day for R and R.

I'm budgeting $150 for gas, which may be on the low side, $150 in miscellaneous expenses and I have to figure out some sort of a hostess gift and double check about our food contribution to the Saturday night BBQ. The original plan was for her husband to buy a bunch of food for the BBQ but I made it clear I can not afford to cover a Surf and Turf BBQ, I'll contribute something (case of beer, couple bottles of wine, buy some BBQ fixings), but I'm not going to go overboard. Had I not blown through my stimulus check, I'd only have $150 to apportion out. I'll make it work, I have some money in my ING account that I can tap into (and I'm only talking about an additional $100). I am so looking forward to this and it's T minus 15 days until departure.


Shevy said...

I just looked online and found a site called newbrunswickgasprices(dot)com. It looks like the price for gas is currently between $1.368 and $1.409 (and there are 3.785 litres to the US gallon) if that helps you to determine whether the money you've budgeted for gas will be enough.

Obviously, you can check again closer to the time of the trip because prices go up and down like a yo-yo.

Have a great trip!

Budget Mama said...

Hi Bouncing Back,

Mini breaks are great!

We took a very short drive recently, but I needed to budget the gas to the letter. I looked up our hwy gas mileage on our car then calculated the price of gas (mapquest also has a gas finder) and then calculated the miles. My husband was shocked I was so exact.

Anyway, I hope you have a good time :o)

Dawn said...

Sounds like a wonderful getaway ... have a relaxing break from the everyday-same-old-same-old!!!

I'm taking a little break too - Craig and I are heading to Milwaukee, Wisconsin ... to visit the Harley Davidson Museum. Then we are heading up to LaCrosse to visit my Aunt. It should be a relatively inexpensive ... yet enjoyable little break from our normal M-F life!!!