Monday, March 16, 2009

Two No Spend Days!

It's just totally amazing how easy it is to have a no spend day when one PLANS a head-ie-getting all the shopping and errand running done on one day and not spread out over 3 days.

AND to really make my weekend, I had just enough spare time at the weekend job to give the interior of my car a good cleaning-all the "stuff" came out, I threw out a ton of stuff (old maps, junk I've been saving-why? in a car?), cleaned the interior windows, cleaned the mats, vacuumed everywhere, fixed my rear view mirror and organized the glove compartment, etc. I'm due for an oil change this week and I also get a complimentary car wash with each oil change. So I'll have a spiffy car inside and out by the end of the week.

I also need to update my side bars, I've had some changes to my account balances, on the good side. I'll get to that shortly!

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