Saturday, March 14, 2009

March Goals

I've posted before that I've not had a great track record with my goals.  I thought about this for a couple days and realized that my lack of goal achieving coincided with my bankruptcy issues.  Hum, I find that interesting.

For a while, my goal was to make enough money to cover my car payment, then with the reduction in hours, it was to work each weekend.  That goal has been achieved.  Now for some more concrete goals!

 As I posted earlier this week, increase my no spend days.  This is probably easiest done while I'm at my weekend job.  I can pick up my groceries and get my gas for the return trip the day I arrive to the barn.  For at least two days, there is no reason on Gods green earthy why I need to go out and spend money on me. I have food, I have shelter, I have laundry facilities, I have gas to get home.  This should give me an average of at least 8 to 12 no spend days per month.  More if I just PLAN when I need to shop. Case in point, I ran around on my break yesterday, did my errands, did my shopping and came back to work.  I can not see a reason for me to get into my car and go anywhere or do anything until it is time for me to leave on Sunday.

I gave myself one goal of getting rid of a bunch of books. My original plan was to put them on or e-bay, but I had an opportunity to donate them to women's shelter that was looking for books for it's library.  Fair enough, I dropped off a load of books, de-cluttered my bookcase and bedside table a bit and am hoping some of the shelters clients will enjoy the books as much as I did.  Goal Achieved!

I also sat down and wrote out a list of 5 things that I think I can achieve in the next few months. Only one of those things are PF related, which is to aggressively contribute to my E-Fund since I've been a slacker about it. The other is the ongoing rejoin the gym issue, I've decided it is worth the money and more importantly the time to have the membership. I can dig out the old VCR and video tape any TV shows I might miss because I'm on the treadmill at the gym.  Working out at home just does not cut it for me, I've tried and failed far too many times to even attempt it again. The other 3 items give way too much personal information for me to post here, but they are goals that I think will inspire me to move beyond my comfort zone and really try to achieve some much needed progress in my life.

I wrote down my list of 5 things, made a couple copies and those copies will go 1) in my car taped to my dashboard, 2) be taped onto my bathroom mirror, 3) be taped on my computer  4) taped onto my fridge-put in places where I can't miss them to remind me that my action plan needs to be carried out!

Wish me luck!


Dawn said...

Looks like you have some good goals! Good for you on donating your books. I am sure they will appreciate them!

Elizabeth said...

Does a no spend day mean no groceries, gas, etc. or no luxuries like Dunkin Donuts, a new shirt, candy? Just curious.