Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Goals for March

I've not posted monthly Goals for a while. Mainly because I stunk at achieving the many goals I had on my list. That was really depressing me too.  For a few months, my goal was to make $$ at my second job. Now that I have a lot of set hours at my weekend job, it's time to re-evaluate my goals in life. 

My goals for March are as follows

1) Try to do as many no spend days as possible-at least 5 prefer at least 10.
2) Get motivated to re-join the gym-the weight has crept up and the MD is shaking her fingers at me and I miss the time there-working out at the gym was a big stress reliever for me.
3) Sit down one weekend and think of some long term goals and an action plan.

Not very many goals, but one issue I've been dealing with is my lack of concrete goals in my life.  Time to move beyond that "safe zone" and get back out there! Have you worked on a goals list?

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Dawn said...

Those sound like good goals. Don't beat yourself up too much for what you haven't done - just pick yourself up and start over. You can do it!