Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Change In My Personal Direction

On the heels of yesterday's whinging post, I came home to a message on my answering machine.  It was from the car dealership that I bought my new to me car from last year.  As a just fresh post BK person, my new car is financed at a whopping 14.99% rate.  Ouch! But I desperately needed a new auto and I made the plunge into the world of the consumer loan by applying for and getting that car loan just 3 months post discharge.

The dealership reminded me that it has been one year since I purchased that auto. It was one of those courtsey thank you for your business even  after12 months later calls. Normally, I would have deleted it 1/3rd of the way through the message. I listened to the whole message.  It also made me sit up a bit.  For all my complaining about my lack of goal focus, I have to realize that one goal I had last year was to qualify for some sort of a credit card or consumer loan.  I got both.  I have a car loan and I have a credit card (the credit card with a whopping $500 limit, but that's OK!) I also went in to the car dealership well prepared with a budget, discharge papers, pay stubs, etc.  I did a little sweat equity and got my loan.

Soo maybe it's time I really stop with the pity party and self doubt and give myself a little credit for getting back on the bandwagon and attack my new action plan with the purpose of anticipated success instead of anticipating roadblocks.  Novel concept-eh?  Now to also take the next step and see if my credit union will do a refinance on the car loan, at least I can try to get a lower interest rate.


Anonymous said...

You have done great and should congratulate yourself. I know how easy it is to get discouraged in the day to day events but when you look back at your blog you will see just how far you have come.

You are a great inspiration!

Dawn said...

Good for you! You know, you might be on the right track there, spending some time celebrating all you have done and all the goals you have hit sounds like a great idea - as well as a personal boost. It's something I could stand to do as well!