Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Wednesday! And I've Had a Productive Week!

Yeah, it's Wednesday. I actually like Wednesdays. The bulk of my work for my main job is done, I usually use Wednesdays as a day to map out the next week and tidy up what's on my desk. I also make an effort to finish any outstanding projects that may be on my desk that I don't want to see come Monday AM. There is never enough time on Thursdays (my half day) to get tons of work done.

Monday was no spend day #3, a good thing! I did go grocery shopping last night and spent $43 on assorted pantry staples, meats and produce. One of my local grocery stores has been closed for the past few months for renovations. I've missed them. They had (and still have) great prices on meats and deli items, I would do most of my meat shopping from them. Their prices on other grocery items are not super competitive, but they are also a store where I can buy two onions or two All Purpose potatoes without having to buy the 5 lb bag two days before I'm heading out for vacation.

I got home last night, made dinner for myself, made a pasta salad to have for lunches the next couple days and did a mini menu planning. I keep finding these great receipes on Smitten Kitchen and thankfully, the past 3 or 4 I've printed out I've been able to make without having to do a special grocery shop. The key to cooking at home is to have a decent stocked pantry and to have a variety of easy receipes so you don't get in a rut of cooking the same old thing. I had a friend in high school whose mother was not 'into' cooking. They had three meals they ate each week, roasted chicken, steak, and burgers, all served with boiled white rice and rotated throughout the week. This was supplemented by pizza and the odd take out Chinese. Every once in a while pasta was made. My high school friend was fascinated to come to my house where we ate more than the three staple items. We had soup night, pasta night, burger night, grilled cheese/pizza night, roast meal night, chicken night, letover night, sandwich night... you get the picture.

I digress. I did make my lunch this AM and have plans to fire up the grill tonight, first time in 2009 I'll be using my grill. I got a small steak and am looking to have a "meat, potato and two veg" meal. I think I'm feeling a bit of Spring Fever!

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