Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Vacation Costs~People First

I sat down last night after dinner and mapped out my vacation costs

Plane ticket: $525
Car Rentals: $240
Hotel costs  $100
Extra Bag Fees: $75
Gas: $150
Meals: $150
Misc: $100
Planned spending: $200

Grand Total: $1,540

I'm flying an airline that will charge me for my non carry on bags. I budgeted $75 because I think I'll need to pack an extra bag for the trip home.
I'm staying at a hotel for two nights (includes breakfast) and I've budgeted a bit extra for the hotel.

My meals, miscellaneous and planned spending total $450, but it all depends on where I end up staying for most of my trip. I usually try to go out for at least drinks in the Pub with some friends and pick up a couple rounds. I also like to go to the Tesco or Safeway and pick up snacks for myself, some bags of snacks, some sweets, some bottled water I keep in the car, saves me from hitting an overpriced vending machine. I have my rental car which will come with a full tank of gas and I know I will have to refill it at least once. I just don't know how much traveling I will end up doing. I usually get to my destination and park the car in a friends garage and get chauffeured around. As my friend Catherine says, your hire car may be nicer than my car, but no bloody American is going to chauffer me around town! Even though I'm comfortable driving in the UK, my UK friends prefer to drive!

I've already paid for my ticket (using part of my holiday bonus for that) and I have $250 in my ING Travel fund. The rest of the cost of the trip will be paid for partly by my tax refund, partly by my cutting my expenses in other areas, like not getting my bathroom retiled this year unless I really become a Toolbelt Diva.

I did send an e-mail off last night to my friend in the UK with the ill husband and she replied she is so delighted that I am coming, both she and her husband are looking forward to my visit. I'm putting it out to the universe to some how help me come up with the extra funds. Wish me luck!


Revanche said...

Are you running about 800-ish short on the budget so far?

Bouncing Back said...

As of right now, I'll be using funds earmarked for my bathroom redo and funds I get from my second job. Yes, I am running "short" a bit, but I don't want to dip into my E-fund for the trip, nor do I want to put the trip on my very low limt credit card. My intention is to pay with my debit card or with cash. Between now and the end of the month, I'll make up the shortfall.

Revanche said...

Makes sense, I was just checking my math. Between your refund, I can see you making up the difference.

Dawn said...

You can do it! Your trip sounds like it will be wonderful!

Miss M said...

I think it's great that you are making it a priority to visit an ill friend, even thought they are on another continent! I hope you find the extra cash and your visit brings them some cheer.

Another said...

I'll know longer complain about the airline I usually fly with charging $8 AUD extra for checked baggage! (Although that is a domestic flight).