Thursday, February 12, 2009


Seems the three major credit bureaus are going to make it dammed near impossible for the average consumer to get their FICO score. Single Ma at Fabulous Financials reported the other day that Experian was not going to allow consumers to purchase their own score. You can click here to read her post.   There was also an article in the New York Times On Line about the same, you can click here to read that article.

I decided to hop on it and got copies of my credit report and I paid for the scores as well before my chance to get the Experian score went bye-bye.

Hum.... Experian is already using a formula called Vantage Score to give consumers a credit score.  I had hoped to get my Fico score from Experian, but no go. I got a FICO score from Equifax, Transunion I think gave me a Vantage Score as well. I'm going to log back into TransUnion and double check that. I can re-view that report for up to 30 days.

Last year I pulled two of my three credit reports to check the information on them. I may have filed bankruptcy, but even the bad and negative information should be correct information.  If you are post BK and your attorney has not pulled your report, I strongly recommend you pull the reports and make sure all your debt information is correct. 

My scores ended up being

Equifax: 660 (old Fico System)
Transunion: 733 (not clear, probably new Vantage System)
Experian: 758 (new Vantage System)

My FICO score last year from Equifax was 638 or 658 from Transunion was 651. A bit of an improvement, but not tons.  I had hoped that with my prompt payment on my car loan, new to me credit card, mortgage and student loan that I might eek up to the 670's.  I still have a ton of negative information on the reports from the  BK as well as the BK.

I don't know what my score was pre the Bankruptcy, probably down in the low 500's-yikes.  I'll probably pay for the scores again in the fall.


Ransom said...

Hmmm...never thought about financial scores (though, I'm sure my SPOKESWOMAN does)!

I just wandered over here to check out a fellow "Clifford the Big Red Dog" fan!


Scores are hard to obtain.