Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hey It's A Job!

As I posted previously, my weekend job paycheck has been delayed.  I did get some partial payment with the promise that I would be paid in full by the beginning of March. Just as I had expected! Just in time for my vacation.  Since I don't have direct deposit, the money will be waiting for me when I get back.  The book keeping situation is just about fixed.  The trainers wife took a few days off from work and sorted through the books.  No money missing, just someone who slacked off and got shoddy.  Oh well, it is working itself out.

Probably my biggest complaint with the weekend job is the food situation. I am not reimburse for food like I was with the other job. In fact, I find myself falling into the bad habit of buying my meals.  I have to remember to either stop at the grocery store and pick up food or remember to pack leftovers from home.  I do have an alloted shelf in the food cupboard and no one eats the things I leave in the fridge, but it's just not my home kitchen if you know what I mean. I stay in a "real' house on the grounds complete with a kitchen that has pretty much the basics in terms of pots, pans and cooking utensils.

Today I have a few hours off in the middle of the day-a rare treat!  I'm baking a couple sweet potatoes and a couple chicken thighs to have as my Sunday Lunch.  I'll have a nice lunch and when I get home tonight, maybe I'll have some soup or scramble up a couple eggs.

I am not thrilled with my primary job still not putting me back to full time hours.  The trade off is they still do pay for their portion of my health insurance and I will get some vacation time, but I'm still on a reduced schedule.  I had hoped that by this time, I could be looking at a regular schedule.

The Downside to My Weekend Job

1) It's not that close to home, so I am traveling a bit each weekend.
2) I am gone from home two to three nights on the weekends, my weekend social life has changed.
3) I sometimes don't leave the facility at all until it's time for me to pack  up and go home.
4) I miss sleeping in! I'm up and working by 7:15 AM.  I like having a day where I can lounge around in my PJ's-not happening right now.
5) Despite being here for almost three months, I'm not that familiar with the surrounding towns.  I need to make a greater effort so I can find a way to incorporate my weekend shopping and not have to give up a week night.

What I do really like about this weekend job.

1) The people I work for and work with are all very nice. We "fit" well together.
2) I get use of a house with washer/dryer/cable TV-which means I get all my laundry done and I get my cable fix on the weekends.
3) My poochies can all come with me and I don't have to find animal sitters.
4) The pay is not bad, not tremendous, but not bad.
5) I get a sense of great satisfaction seeing a job well done. There are tangible results to my work here.

On the days I do have some time off in the middle of the day, I'm trying to plan it so I get out and about and off the property. It's pretty easy to crash on the couch and watch cable.  I'm trying to go out, find the local stores, do some of my errands (food shopping less perishables, errands, etc) while I'm here.  I do miss having a day to "do nothing",  a 'day off' has become a rare and precious thing.  I did speak to the trainer and once I come back in March I did tell him that to keep me sane, I would need to adjust my schedule a tiny bit. I do need a day at home every few weeks where I can sleep in, where I can cook something up in my oven, where I do the little chores around the house that I'm not getting to after work.    I'd rather have the peace of mind knowing I've gotten my To Do list under control (my To Do lists are notorious for having lots of little things on them).  As long as I schedule this into my weekends, he is good with me being "off" a day.

BUT I am grateful that I still have both this part time and my full time job.  Vacation is in 10 days counting.   I called my friend in the UK, her husband is getting better, not great, but better, and they are still both delighted that I am coming over.  I am very glad that I made the decision to take the trip (cost be dammed).  People are far more important than money!

Hope you all are having a great weekend.


Dawn said...

Sounds like you are weighing all your options. So, overall you are going to stay with it for now, I take it?

Bouncing Back said...

I'll be staying with it for now. I don't have any other options at this moment. I'm planning on using my down time while traveling to do a pro/con list about both jobs and take it from there....


Well you wanted a job.