Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weekend Work Updates

My weekend job is dependant on the return of my  injured co-worker.  I was hired to be a temporary replacement. She had major surgery on her foot and was to be non weight bearing for a minimum of 4 months, if not 5 months, she is coming to the end of that time period. 

I got a call from my weekend boss who stated that said co-worker wants to come back a couple days a week, which means I'm out some weekend work. I was expecting to go back to my summer schedule of two days every two weeks, which barely cut the mustard money wise, especially since I had some work obligations and family obligations that seemed to occur on my scheduled weekends.  Instead, I'm only losing 4 days a month, which is not so bad!  It means I can have a full day off at home and my weekend boss gave me first crack at what days I wanted.  I set up a schedule with him that is a win win for both of us (maybe not for my co-worker, but TFB right now). I still work Fridays and Saturdays, get Sundays off and he gets Monday facility coverage.  Since he tries to take off Mondays and one afternoon a week, this works out well for him.  With the departure of said co-worker, he was having to work on Mondays.  Given the fact said co-worker is probably returning to work earlier than she is supposed to and probably won't be that mobile, I don't think he is really willing to drop me back down as he did last year.  I found out after the fact there were some issues with her limited mobility,the animals and facility, not wanting to yell I TOLD YOU SO, I merely nodded and said, "oh sorry to hear that."

This new schedule will start in a couple weeks. I have more notice this year than I did last year (which was all of 4 days) and I'm keeping a majority of my days.  Having Sundays off works well for me. I like the concept of "sleeping in" on Sunday and it gives me a respectable amount of time off before I start my weekday job.  It also gives me much needed time to work on my list of home DIY projects that are long overdue. My yard has turned into a dust bowl and needs serious work, which I have put on the top of my list for this year.  No slacking!

Said co-worker and I have also swapped days when one of us has needed a weekend day off or had a project or two to do.  That makes it a win win for both of us and less of a worry for the boss man.

I'm happy with the fact I'll be keeping a majority of my hours.  It is allowing me to delay getting a spine and getting a full time position again-which is the subject for another post.

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