Monday, April 19, 2010

A Mini Rant for Monday

I was going to have today's post be about me needing to get a spine and a new job, but instead it's about a mini rant on my weekend job. In my last post, I stated that my schedule was going to change in a few weeks. I was fine with that, we had the new schedule to go into effect the weekend that starts on April 30th. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the "staff room" on Friday after turning out a few horses,only to find my co-worker there. Unexpectedly there at work according to my weekend boss.

I gave him a WTF look and he gave me the same look back. Later in the AM, we had a little chat. According to my weekend boss, my co-worker came back early. My response was "you had a conversation with me, did you not make it clear to her when you had your conversation with her that expected the new schedule to start in two weeks?" I honestly don't know if he just forgot and told her to come in this weekend or WHATEVER. He claims she just decided to "show up". It does wildly annoy me since I will be losing two days of pay that I was planning on having. I made sure I told him that the early change to my schedule did not make me very happy. I was polite about it, but made sure I got my point across. Yeah it's whiny, I know, but the MO of my co-worker has been to pretty much do what she wants in terms of her schedule-leave and come back when it suits her and walk all over my weekend boss and dammed the other staff who are covering her hours. GRRR

My co-worker stayed on Friday and was mildly annoying. She's been gone for almost 5 months and we have had some changes in the facility. Had I known she was going to be coming back, I would have followed up with my weekend boss to make sure he spent some time with her to go over the new changes. None of these changes are earth shattering, but they are changes that she needs to know about. I know she would need to be brought up to speed on them. She spent most of the day going, oh this is new about every fifteen minutes. We also have a feed chart on the wall, it's missing a few animals since horses come in and horses come out or feed needs change. For almost an hour she followed me around the facility harping on the feed chart. I told her I'd make sure a new and current one would be posted by Monday (when she was going to work again). I finally gave in to the annoying chatter, sat down and started re-writing the chart just to SHUT HER UP.

That and the fact it was a damp chilly weekend did not make Betty a happy camper. I am so glad it's Monday!

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