Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A New Home For Poochie?

I have been fostering a dog (for lack of a better term) that belonged to my now deceased elderly friend.  I have had issues with this dog, (who is very sweet), not getting along with my old dog (who is also very sweet, except to Poochie).  Both dogs, well, HATE each other.  It's more than Dog Whisperer issues, it's out and out hate and I've already had a few incidents between the two girls, despite me trying to exercise good canine control.

I've been juggling the two dogs for almost two years. I've been looking for a home for Poochie for the past 18 months when it became apparent my elderly friend was never going to be able to have a pet again due to her chronic health issues.  The local breed rescue that I had been trying to work with got some new staff.  Actually, they got back an older staffer who was very good at her job.  She found Poochie's file and called me over the weekend.  Poochie goes for an evaluation on Thursday, they have a potential home!

So keep your fingers crossed.  Poochie would do so much better and  be the Puppy Princess she was before she came to me.

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