Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some Random Updates

I'm still having internet problems at home and not able to blog that much at work.  Here are a few random updates while I percolate on a couple posts.

1) My elderly friend is not getting any better, and in fact is getting worse.  She still thinks she can live on her own and has spent 3 out of the last 5.5 weeks in either respit care or the hospital. 

2) I am no closer to finding a permanet home for her dog either. Said dog known as Poochie is very sweet, a little needy, but very sweet and needs to go to a "forever home" as they say.  I am working with the breed resuce to find her a permanent home. I just can not keep her, I have my own pets, one of which does not like Poochie at all. 

3) I have been able to stick to my cash budget for food shopping. I have a whopping $6 left until Friday and I have enough food hanging around the kitchen to last. I sure as shite won't starve, maybe get bored with the food choices, but I won't starve.

4)I have been half heartedly looking for a new full time job, but nothing has cropped up.  My "full time" job is not changing my hours, nor am I picking up any additional weekends at my weekend job. In fact, next month, I'll loose a weekend because I decided to do some traveling and planned a weekend that I was supposed to work at. I'm feeling the need for a little escape time.

5) My boss still does not get the concept of Social Media, it is getting on my nerves to re-explain the concept behind Twitter vs a blog every week.

6) The one real estate client I thought I had a good chance to sell a house to has been giving the listing updates she requested from me to a friend of hers. Who ended up buying a house from another Realtor!  To say I was a bit peeved is an understatement.  I thought it was funny they had changed their "home buying criteria". Now I know why.  And I'm not pleased. I think I showed this client about 15 homes. They were thinking about an investment property and I was happy to help them out.  Now I'm not so sure. I could sure use a commission or two to push me towards my fiscal goals.

7) My house is in need of dire work.  Top of the list, new gutters, new window in my bedroom, the bathroom needs to be re-tiled and I could do with some new flooring as well.  I found a list of "to do" projects from when I bought the house and all of the above were on that list from 9 Years Ago. 

8) I am not getting any TV reception at home and this irks me. I only watch about 4 shows, plus breakfast TV.  After the switch to digital, I lost all my stations, save one and that does not come in all the time, even the digitial ones I had gotten before. I think I can get basic cable for $15/month and if that is the case, I'm going to get it.  I miss the few shows I watch on a regular basis and it will be worth the $15 to have them.

9) I found a house that would be almost perfect for me, maybe even perfect.  Problem~ I don't have the money, salary or the ability to get a mortgage right now. Even if I sold my current home, I'd still need some serious cash (serious to me) to be able to afford this house.  It is in the same town I live in, has 3 br, 2 ba, a garage, hardwood floors, fireplace and some land.  As far as I can tell, it only needs cosmetic work and I'd want to update the cooker in the kitchen. It also has A WASHER/DRYER HOOK UP!  My research has told me that IF someone has been extra special good post BK, some lenders will lend 2 years after the discharge date. I'm only 18 months post discharge.....

10) It has rained something like 14 inches in the past 5 days.   Are we ever gonna get summer here!


CoachingByPeter said...

Every investment has risks and drawbacks. The important thing is to recognize them, to be aware of what can happen to your investments, and to make sure you aren't exposed to risks you can't afford.

Dr. Faith said...

Can you get the TV shows online? Most of the major networks put a large majority of their content online so you can just watch it there without having to have cable.

Kari said...

I have a lender I know that would be happy to work with you from the date of 2 years.

I got his name from someone I respect and admire and she says she sends ALL of her clients to him (I'm not a client).

So... if you want his number let me know. I have his cell phone number. I called him to inquire different things about the BK and he said keep your nose clean not one slip up for 2 years and have 3 things that report on your credit (mortgage for you, and 2 utility bills would be perfect... for me rent, DTE bill, and one secured CC when the time comes).

Bouncing Back said...

Dr. Faith-Nope, can't get the TV shows on line, I don't have high speed internet. In fact, I "borrow" WiFi from my neighbor and it's not always working. Being able to watch TV on line is very hit and miss. Great suggestion though.

Kari, if you can e-mail me the number that would be great-bouncingback22008@yahoo.com

I've been very good with all my payments, on time if not early-mortgage, car, student loan (yes I still have those) and my utilities are paid promptly.

Dawn said...

3) Awesome! I am in the same place though. Last month I had several dollars left, and a stocked pantry and felt no need to spend. This month I am down to the final few dollars and a lot less in the cupboards. However, like you - I won't starve and the end of the month is just 3 days away. We can do it!

5) Hahahahahaha! I only laugh because I just had this exact same conversation with some of my co-workers last night.

10) Please send us your rain. We need it desperately. I'll swap you some sun!

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