Wednesday, January 21, 2009

People First, Then Money, Then Things

This is a Suze Orman motto. Right now I am putting it in play. I have just managed to adapt to my new crazy work schedule and have managed to figure out a new bill paying routine. Life is getting better!

I am taking a page from Suze Orman and putting people first. I have some friends who live in the UK. I've not been to see them since late 2006. We e-mail and talk on the phone, but it's just not the same. One of my friends has been ill this past year and just became very ill. So ill that he has been in hospital for two weeks. As of now, the doctors don't know what is wrong; they just can't seem to find what is making my friend so sick. I spoke to his wife the other day and she is very worried, so much so that they are going private with their medical instead of staying in the National Health Service.

I got off the phone and thought about them and some of my other friends, both here in the US and in the UK. I have several freinds that are substantially older than I am. It seems right now they are all getting sick and ill and this greatly distresses me. Honestly, I've been so wrapped up in me that I feel like I've neglected them and have not touched based, so to speak. I went to bed on Monday with a heavy heart. I woke up on Tuesday and watched the Obama Inauguration and decided a trip to the UK was in order.

I am in desperate need of a new computer (a thing) and do need to replace my gutters and renovate my sorely outdated and in need of repair bathroom (money and things) and I want to keep funding my E-fund (money). I picked out a week, did my fare research and booked my flight last night. I can stay with friends for most of my trip and I'm figuring out the rest of my itinerary, if I need a hotel or a car or if I can do this by public transportation and bumming rides and couches off of people.

The new practical personal finance person in me says "Oh, you really should not do this trip! You know, planes, trains, automobiles and the various and assorted miscelleanous expesnes that crop up can really stretch the budget. I also have to get animal sitters for my animals as well-:).

But my friend is very ill and I really feel a strong need to go over and see him and his wife (plus a couple other friends as well). I'm hoping that this illness will pass. I'm hoping he will be up and running around by the time I come over.  I hope for many things. The new lap top will wait, the gutters suffice for now and maybe I'll really become a Tool Belt Diva to fix my own bathroom. I'll WILL find a way to make this work
People first, the bathroom and computer can wait.


undercover vixen said...

See, expenses likt this i can wrap my head around. You won't be doing them every week and such and it's more important in the long run... you jsut need to work on ur household spending and food spending... a bit of a personal question - where u ever married? or is that something you are not interested in?

undercover vixen said...

... sorry about these..keep forgetting to say email follow up comments

Just Another Alias said...

Good for you. These are the things that always seem to be un-doable, but your right, people first.

So when is your trip planned for? I've never been overseas.

If only you lived closer, I'd love to petsit!!

Friends, family, or maybe your neighbors? Or try finding someone else who also has pets and you can barter with.

Dawn said...

Sometimes you have to follow your instinct. Your gut is saying go - I think you need to go.

I like hearing the determination in your voice, and maybe there are a few other ways you can raise some income to help the computer as well.

Debtfree2009 said...

I'm not a great fan of Suze Orman but this is one thing I do agree with.

I would go in a heartbeat.

Grace. said...

Sometimes the time is just such that you have to go. JW over on Need to Be Debt Free really did have to go visit his dying friend. I really did have to take advantage of a trip to Japan when my traveling companion could get me into her relative's homes--something that would never happen on any other trip to Japan. Go and enjoy. But do keep an eye on your expenses. Sadly, Great Britain is disasterously expensive right now--$20 American for a hamburger and soda.

Bouncing Back said...

Just Another Alias-the trip is planned for the start of March. I'm very excited. I'm working on the pet sitting bartering.

Undercover Vixen: Not a personal question at all. I was never married but had been in a 12 year relationship, then a 3 year relationship. Now it's me and my animals!

Grace: It's doable, thanks in part to having friends I can stay with who also like to do low cost things. We make packed lunches for day trips, we will cook at home, and they know two really good, no great, Indian Take Out places. Our biggest expense is beer and wine. We do have one night where we meet up with everyone at the Pub-that's been my biggest expense.


People first