Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bankrupt Street, How I Got There--Tell All Tuesday Revisited

Last month when I had a mini meltdown over an unkind comment on job number 3, one of my readers asked me to post how I became bankrupt. This week I will!. I have links to two posts done last year that explain a bit about me, my background, and my fiscal education. I'll post at the end of the week the third installment of how I ended up on Bankrupt Street. I've not edited them other than to increase the font size. I will warn you a head of time, I rambled on a bit.

Click here for Part I on my story.

Click here for Part II of my story.

Why I am putting out to my readers my story? Well, it's because I don't think my story and my fall into Bankruptcy is much different that what has happened and is happening to many folks. I did not plan to go bankrupt at any point in my life. Heck, at this point in my life, I expected to be at a totally different place than I am now, both personally and professionally. The fact of the matter is I'm not in that place. What has to happen is for me to put a lot of things behind me, move forward with my life and "bounce back". One reason I started this blog was to have a place to ramble on about my BK and the process (which I have done) and another reason is to let folks know that with time, effort and energy, you can bounce back from bankruptcy. I'm doing it and I want others to know it can be done!


notesfromthefrugaltrenches.com said...

I am sure this blog will really help people! Good for you for having the courage to write!

notesfromthefrugaltrenches.com said...

I am sure I commented here before, but can't find it! Strange!


Excellent post on bankrupt street.