Friday, January 23, 2009

People First Part II

$530 later, I have a ticket to the UK.   I should say the flight itself was $387, the rest is taxes, fees, surcharges, etc. AND since I'm not flying British Airways or first class, I have to also budget out for  checked baggage.  I'll have one carry on (a small wheelie case), my "personal item" (an oversized handbag) and one large checked bag.  I'm using space bags to shrink wrap my clothes so I can use just one checked bag.

I called my one friend with the ill husband and told her to book me space on her couch. She sounded thrilled and delighted that I will be able to come over. I expressed concern about staying at her home if her husband was not up to company and she said not to worry.  I know she means it.

I'm feeling a lot better about going. Like others have commented, sometimes you have to go. I am lucky that I can make this work out for me.  I know I also need a vacation and while I won't be a tourist per se, I have booked two nights at a B & B so I can have some "me time" and do a little sightseeing.  The travel agenda is slowly coming together. I've been researching rental cars (it will cost me almost the same amount in train and bus travel as it will to rent a car, plus I will have the freedom of not being tied to the Brit Rail train schedule!) I know gas is very expensive, but again, I'll budget accordingly.

I am grateful I have friends in the UK that I can stay with.  Plus the dollar is getting stronger against the pound, so I'll get more bang for the buck as they say.

A blue moon ago I had the great luck to take a "flying visit" to the UK.  Someone had paid for my ticket, I had animal sitters, I had spare time off and I booked a quick flight to the UK for a former co-worker and friends engagement party.  It was one of those trips where everything fell into place.  I got to park my car at a relatives house for free (they lived 15 minutes from the airport). I got to the ticket counter and I got upgraded to Business Class, plus use of the Business Class pre and post flight lounge.  I was given a discount coupon for the duty free shop, I got to my destination, I was given a  rental car upgrade and my hotel room was upgraded as well.  It was a sweet trip as they say.   Lets all keep our fingers crossed and hope the universe will be that kind to me again!


calgirlfinance said...

It should be good to see your friends. Usually there are no baggage fees for international flights, so I would double check with your airline. Don't forget to sign up for the mileage program. As long as you didn't book the ticket with Hotwire or Priceline, you should be able to get the miles (if you don't travel a lot, you can always get other stuff like magazines)


Excellent idea always people first.