Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Joined the 1990's

And got cable. Yup, not just cable, but internet and phone as well.  What drove me to this, well, it was a $42 basic home phone bill (I use a calling card at 2c per minute for Long Distance) and a one year offer for a triple package for $55, no install fee, and unlimited local and long distance phone.

I ported over my phone number, I like the one I have and I have had cable TV for just over a week.  And I'm really wondering if it's worth it.  I've gotten so used to NOT watching a lot of TV. I read, watch DVDs, etc.  Before the switch to all digital TV I got about 10 stations (some digital, some not) after the switch only 2, I even lost some of the digitial stations I had. My house is located in a bit of a dead zone, I can't even get mobile phone reception  where I am, I have to go about 1/4 mile away to get any bars.  I guess I should consider myself lucky that I even had two TV stations.

Even though this is not my TV watching season, I thought I'd try it out.  Except that I spent a lot of time channel surfing 70 some odd channels going Crud, nothing on TV.  I did watch about 30 minutes of an Undateable  Marathon and wondered why I did (BECAUSE IT WAS ON).

Oh well, I've already made a note for my 2011 things to do list to review the cable package and maybe get rid of it or reduce it when it comes up for renewal. 


FRANNIE said...

If you already pay for Internet use www.hulu.com and get yourself the cheapest Netflixs subscription, the Watch Instant feature is AWESOME!

We gave up cable tv last year and use both of the above. I can honestly say I don't miss the commercials or the outrageous cable bill.

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend just streaming netflix or something similar. I'm going through a bankruptcy consideration currently and thinking about wasted expenses, and TV was definitely one of them.

Digital HD with DVR, hundreds of channels, nothing ever on. I didn't even watch it, last time I watched TV was a Star Trek marathon on Thanksgiving last year.

With my FIOS subscription finally up, I renewed only the internet package (for about half what I was paying for internet and TV) and got netflix for $8.95 a month. I've been watching a ton of movies, it's very worth it and my TV has seen more use in the last month than in the last year because I can finally choose what to watch (and for a lot less than before).

Anonymous said...

This is the same commenter as above, I should add that netflix has not only movies streaming, but also full seasons of several popular television shows as well, it's very worth it. For $8.95 a month it's one disc at a time in the mail for whatever movies are not available on the streaming service, and unlimited streaming.

I use it on an XBox 360 as it has a built in Netflix interface, but you can also stream directly from your PC if it's hooked up to your TV, or buy a set top box for it for less than $200 (probably much cheaper if you look around craigslist or ebay).

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Shanna White said...

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The 1990'S seems not so long ago.

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