Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Don't People Ever CALL anymore?

I got my mobile phone bill and almost choked.  It was $100.  Like I have not had a bill that high since last year when I had to call into work from the UK (and work reimbursed me for all the calls).  Granted part of this bill was an outgoing call I made to a friend in Italy, but most of the overage charges have been to text messages.  Last fall I upgraded my calling plan and it worked fine for me. I was keeping within my minutes and life was good.

UNTIL-most of my friends became text addicts.  I mean they text all the flipping time, even when they don't even need to.  I'd get two or three texts for something that a 10 second phone call could cover.  I've fallen into the habit of responding to these texts, sometimes with those silly emoticons and abbreviations.  you know,  :)  :(   ;)  C U L8r.

I know I'm showing my age, but do we really need to document every movement with a text?  I've made a promise to myself to really restrict my texting to the absolute minimum and then it will only be a response if need be.  I'm going back to phone calls.....and yes, I still hand write letters too!


nklsmom said...

Amen! I switched my plan over to unlimited texting for $5 a month because I was getting so many. At this point I barely use the minutes but have over 1000 texts a month. If you can't beat 'em - join 'em! :)
and yes, I still hand write letters too!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. I see people texting all the time instead of calling, like they can't be bothered to take the time to talk to you anymore. I see it everywhere at the store, in line at the movies and worse of all when people are sitting around the table eating. I miss the courtesy of actual conversations and eye contact.

444 said...

I think it's considered gauche to call on the phone nowadays. Much less, the home phone. That would be stalkerish, bizarre behavior with the teenager set.

I suggested to my teenage son that he call someone and he looked at me like I had suggested riding over sidesaddle to deliver a message carved on stone tablets.

Karen said...

I once had $50 over in text messages when I had 1000 free texts; I now have unlimited.
I admit I text a lot. Sometimes it's to a coworker friend who works at a different location and we want to talk about things and keep it off company telecomm; my dad to keep in touch some since I don't have much to update on, etc.
But I'd like to text a whole lot less!
I'd drop your minutes and up your SMS to unlimited lol :)

Declaring Personal Bankruptcy said...

I really appreciate the way you accept socially everything that you did in past.i also agree with you not to use text message all the time not because of it's cost but it makes you habitual,and access in everything causes bad effects somewhere in life.