Monday, March 8, 2010

Good Weekend Off!

I took a long weekend off from both my weekday and weekend job. I was feeling a little cranky, had some work to do around the house and honestly, just wanted some ME time.  I spend two and a half days lounging around the house, watching TV, playing on facebook, organizing files on my computer, cooking, cleaning, and doing my taxes.  I had four days of blissful free time.

I was very surprised to see that I am getting back more money from the State than I thought and a small Federal refund.  I was only hoping to NOT have to pay any taxes this year.  My second job and it's expenses get sorted under a schedule C and when it was all done and dusted, my expenses just barely exceeded my income.  A few other non reimbursed work  expenses added to my deductions and I get back some moola.  Good!  Yeah! and the money is going towards my severely depleted e fund. 

I will say it was nice to hang out at home with no obligations to my time.  I know with my weekend job and my hobbies, I have very few days that are not "spoken for".  Depending on what happens with my co-worker at my weekend job, I'll have to plan another weekend off. This was good for my soul. 

How was your weekend!

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Oh yes nothing like a long rest from the long workweek.