Friday, November 14, 2008

The Upcoming Plan

I have done as I said I would do this week, not totally freak out about my reduction in hours at my full time job. I'm trying to look on the upside of this "temporary reduction". I have always wanted to go into business for myself or at least have a flexible part time and lucrative income. Out of adversity comes necessity. There is no way around this, I have to make it work.

I paid the following bills today: Mortgage, Student Loan, Car Insurance, Health Insurance, land line, and Electricity. I will have to pay in two weeks, my car note, car and health insurance for the month of December. I want to pay the health and car insurance early and get them out of my bill box.

Prior to the reduction in hours I was trying to find an excuse to duck out of Christmas this year. I have a small handful of people I usually buy presents for and I traditionally attend a number of parties and dinners (that I inevitably bring a bottle of cheer or contribute food to). This reduction in hours may be my excuse to really downsize and back out of some of these "obligations". Some obligations are non negotiable and I will be attending and contributing to, that is just a fact of life and will be taken into my December plan.

I have my first sale of the new batch of items that I posted on E-bay and Yeah! I will mail out the package on Monday. One down, 15 to go.

I have a long and lengthy to do and to buy list for the weekend. My to buy list is mainly pantry staples and pantry treats so I can get back into the cooking swing of things and not shop for dinner in the frozen food isle (like I did last night). I've spent close to $50 in the past 10 days on semi ready meals and provisions at the grocery store because I've been a lazy git about my food preparation. Fifty dollars can buy me a lot of food at the Aldi and the Ethnic Market!

My new reduced schedule starts on Monday and the next couple weeks will be "full weeks' as I've picked up a couple shifts at the barn (thank god for vacationing staff). It's December I'm a bit worried about, but will plan as best I can. I'm feeling a bit more "springy" than I have in a couple weeks....

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Sammy said...

A positive attitude can make a big difference!

Working fewer hours means more cooking time!