Friday, November 7, 2008

Just Really Busy This Week

And I'm also stressed. We've been busy at work. Lots of meetings, lots of planning and strategy sessions, lots of communication with clients, lots of closed door meetings, lots of phone calls, lots of Betty I need this report redone NOW! Yikes to say the least.

I'm not sleeping well and eating well sort of went out the window. Does rice with salad dressing count as a real meal? I did make some adequate soup the other day, froze some, have some for meals. I am just tired. And I'm working the second job this weekend.

I've been MIA at the gym for a couple reasons. The main one is that I let my trial membership expire due to the changed work schedule. The other is I've just not gotten back to the gym to renew. I was assured that I would not be charged an initiation fee when I 're-join'. I do hope that is the case. I really miss "my time" at the gym and the routine of cardio, weights, quick shower and a sauna. The physical benefits are great, but the mental ones even better!

I did go to a conference last weekend and it was glorious. It was in a warm and sunny place. The conference went well, I had a great dinner on Saturday night with some really nice people, I shopped only a little (and bought two holiday gifts). The best part is almost the entire trip was paid for or reimbursed by work for me. I had a check in my hands two hours after submitting my travel/expense form. The other upside was I went to bed really early both Friday and Saturday and SLEPT- a lot. And took a nap on Saturday. And slept on the plane.

My animals are feeling really neglected and my one dog showed his displeasure by chewing things he should not have chewed. Oh yeah, he also decided it would be fun to "mark" on my couch and my bed. To mark means to pee. I was really annoyed last night. I got home, he was loose and he "marked". I almost lost it. I had to pack up all the laundry and bedding and find a laundromat that was still open. I did make it to my regular place, but they have changed their hours, closing an hour earlier. I did get everything washed and most things dried (my down pillows are going to have to be re-washed and re-dried). I did end up spending about $25 to wash, dry, fluff, fold everything in the large commercial washers. Not exactly the way I wanted to spend my Thursday night, but there ya have it. Tonight I tackle my ironing pile....

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