Tuesday, November 3, 2009


As I posted on Friday, I'm doing a give-away for the month of November

You can win either a $10 Target Gift Card or a $10 Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts Gift Card

Simply send me an e-mail or leave your information in the comment section.

Winnners will be chosen at random.

Good luck!

Update: Fixed!


LJ said...

Enter me!!


I've been a lurker for quite some time now, I love your blog :)


Shevy said...

I couldn't seem to find your email addy & I don't like to leave my info visible, but I'd like to be entered for the Starbucks card!

You do accept entries from Canada don't you?

If I win you can tell me where to email my info to you.

V said...


I read you all the time just dont comment much. :)

Kari said...

i just started following your blog and I'm a fan. I'd love to be entered.

karilou85 (at) gmail.com

April Fire said...

I come back to your blog daily, even if you haven't written anything! Good luck with the monthly shops and have fun with the new clothes!

(I second Shevy's question about shipping to Canada)

Anonymous said...

Please enter me!

I really enjoy your blog.

I sent you an E-mail with my info.

Keep Posting,


beth said...

Love reading this blog. Your optimistic outlook is refreshing.

bjmncoh @ gmail .com

Mandie said...

Mmm Starbucks! Can't get too much of that!


lmtjc19 said...

Starbucks does sound good! Just in time for the holiday flavors!! Gingerbread latte can't get here soon enough!!

surveychick19 (at) gmail.com

Dawn said...

Hey there, this is a fun idea! I'm leaving my comment to be entered.

Lulu said...

Woo hoo enter me!!!!
lulugal AT howisavemoney DOT net

Bouncing Back said...

I accept entries from everyplace! I think the cards are good in Canada, so yes if you are in Canada, enter.

Thanks All!

Shevy said...

Thanks! There's pretty much a Starbucks on every corner here in major Canadian cities and at least a few in most others. Heck, most Safeway stores now have a Starbucks inside.

I think Target is only in the States though. The closest one to me is in Bellingham, WA (45 minutes drive, plus however long at the border) and I'd have to find where I put my passport to go there.

I know very little about Dunkin' Donuts.

marci said...

Hi, I'd like to enter this fun contest too. :) Thanks!

marci AT classesandcareers DOT com

Jolyn said...

Hmm... Bringing out the lurkers? Fun contest! Keep up the good work on your blog and finances!

Susan B said...

Love your blog and love both of the gift cards! Pick me! Pick me! (wildly waves hand in air).

s binzel at earthlink dot net

Anonymous said...

Hi...I would LOVE to win a gift card!


Gail E. (if I happen to win i will e-mail you my info)

Grace. said...

Me, me, me!!!

I wanna win !


sounds great

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